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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Korean aspect come from?

Richard one of our director's fell in love with the culture, food and people during a missions trip to South Korea.

Do you offer tastings?

Yes, it is very important that our clients can trust their caterer to deliver on the day. we give potential clients the opportunity to try our food, discuss equipment and presentation options as well as meet some of our team. Tastings are charged at £60pp and are refundable if the event is over £2,500 and confirmed. We can provide a second tasting if requested but there would be additional charge for this.

Can Deluscious provide specialist menus, or dishes that are not on the current menu?

Yes, we are extremely flexible and are happy to design a bespoke menu around your requirements. If you have a menu that you have designed, or a particular dish in mind, just let us know and we can recreate it for you. Our chefs specialize in cuisines from around the world, so can provide authentic Indian, West African, Caribbean, Asian dishes and much more.

Can you cater for special dietary requirements?

Yes, we cater to any specified dietary requirements, and we can make substitutes to most meals on our website. It’s important to ask your guests beforehand to let you know in advance. We have delicious vegetarian, vegan, coeliac and lactose free options available. We use halal butchers when required and also provide kids menus that are available on request. We list all allergens that may be in your chosen menu, and the staff are informed of these on the day.

Do we have to feed vendors on the day?

It is often expected to feed the MC, DJ, venue staff or photographers. We can discuss providing a lower cost option for these people.

How long do you need to set up and clear down?

For most events we allow 2 hours set up prior to the event and an hour at the end to clear down. For larger events with guest numbers above 200 we will need more set up time. We like to discuss access with the venue, to allow enough time to set up.

What happens if my event does not run to schedule?

4 weeks before your event we will require your final itinerary and we work as closely as possible to the schedule you have provided us. However, if things over run on the day, we try to be as flexible as possible without it impacting the food or service in any way. Our staff will be informed that the timings are estimated and may run over.

Are you registered with all the relevant paperwork?

Yes, we are approved caterers at many venues around the UK. In most cases we can work at new venues even if we are not on the ‘approved’ list. We can provide the venue with all the necessary insurances, risk assessments, and references from other venues to give them the reassurances they need.

Do you use your own staff?

Yes, we have our own team of trained staff. We have regular team leaders, paired with regular bar staff and waitresses.

We also use 3 carefully chosen agencies that we have tried and tested and trust. However we always have our own staff at these events to ensure consistency and quality.

What is your hygiene rating?

We have 5 stars for our Hygiene rating. All our kitchen team have hygiene certificates and training suitable to their job.